MBA (Evening)

MBA (Evening)






Required Courses:       (16 Courses X 3 Credits)                                48 Credits

Optional (Major Area) Courses:          (04 Courses X 3 Credits)        12 Credits

Total               60 Credits      


1st Year Term I
Course No. Course Title
EMBA 5101 Business Communication
EMBA 5103 Quantitative Business Analysis
EMBA 5105 Fundamentals of Management
EMBA 5107 Business Economics

1st Year Term II

Course No. Course Title
EMBA5201 Marketing Management
EMBA 5203 Organizational Behavior
EMBA 5205 Financial Management
EMBA 5207 Financial Accounting

1st Year Term III

Course No. Course Title
EMBA 5301 Human Resources Management
EMBA 5303 Business Law and Ethics
EMBA 5305 Business Information System
EMBA 5307 Applied Business Statistics

2nd Year Term I

Course No. Course Title
EMBA 5401 International Business
EMBA 5403 Business Research Methodology

2nd Year Term II

Course No. Course Title
EMBA 5501 Strategic Management
Project Paper/Thesis

List of Optional Courses from Particular Major Area(s)


Course No. Course Title
FIN 5501 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 5503 Public Finance
FIN 5505 Corporate Finance
FIN 5507 International Finance
FIN 5509 Capital Budgeting
FIN 5511 Portfolio Management
FIN 5513 Project Planning and Management
FIN 5515 Materials Management
FIN 5517 Bank Fund Management



Course No. Course Title
MKT 5501 Services Marketing
MKT 5503 International Marketing
MKT 5505 Consumer Behavior
MKT 5507 Marketing Strategy and Planning
MKT 5509 Relationship Marketing
MKT 5511 Marketing Research
MKT 5513 Tourism and Hotel Management
MKT 5515 Selling and Salesmanship
MKT 5517 Advertising


Human Resources Management
Course No. Course Title
HRM 5501 Total Quality Management
HRM 5503 Organizational and Conflict Management
HRM 5505 Industrial Relations
HRM 5507 Administrative Planning and Control
HRM 5509 Management Training and Development
HRM 5511 Organizational Development
HRM 5513 Leadership and Executive Behavior
HRM 5515 Industrial Sociology
HRM 5517 Compensation Management
HRM 5519 Human Resource Policy


Business Information System
Course No. Course Title
BIS 5501 Operations Research for Management
BIS 5503 Database Management
BIS 5505 Management of E-commerce
BIS 5507 System Analysis and Design
BIS 5509 Management Information System
BIS 5511 Strategic Supply Management
BIS 5513 IT Strategy
BIS 5515 Information System Application


International Business
Course No. Course Title
IB 5501 Fundamentals of International Business Management
IB 5503 Management of Technology
IB 5505 International Technology Transfer
IB 5507 Management of Innovations
IB 5509 International Joint Venture and Negotiations
IB 5511 International Supply Chain Management
IB 5513 Cross Culture Management
IB 5515 Technology Strategy


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