Globalization of business has enhanced the importance of business education tremendously in the world vis-à-vis in Bangladesh. As such, both developed and developing countries are giving continued serious attention towards the introduction MBAexu_sand further development of this type of education. Khulna University in particular in Bangladesh has employed its best efforts towards this end since the inception of its academic programs in 1991. Business Administration Discipline has started its BBA program in 1991 (first in Bangladesh). Now the Business Administration Discipline has gained a foothold to introduce highly demanded MBA (Master of Business Administration) program. For detail about the MBA regular please download the word file.


Business environment and practices are subject to continuous changes. Globalization of business activities has added infrared momentum to these changes. In many cases these changes are extensive as well as intensive. Successful adjustment with such changes is imperative for achieving organizational excellence. The Management Personnel have to play catalytic role for these changes to be successful. This role requires high level of professionalism in managers’ ways of thinking and doing. Those who started their organizational career without professional education in the field of business need to reshape their background knowledge. They need to play instrumental and strategic role in achieving organizational excellence. In fact, the bases of broadening knowledge and shaping skills are deemed essential for managers. Executive MBA program, tailored to the needs of such manager, can sense this end.

Business Administration Discipline of Khulna University has taken the initiative to introduce Executive MBA Program to meet the developmental needs of these managers. The status of the students of this program will not be equivalent to the regular students of this university. For details please download the following word file.


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